Vadim Dekhtyar
“Make your life better!” is the motto of Academy NLP.

Vadim Dekhtyar

Trainer Profile

Vadim Dekhtyar is the founder and director of Academy NLP, an organization dedicated to serve NLP sources for businesses and community, and center of excellence.

He is a licensed trainer of The Society of NLP & Richard Bandler.

Active in both business and personal development arenas, Vadim has been delivering courses on a variety of performance enhancing topics including presentation skills, team building, sales, organization development, and stress management.

Vadim has more than 20 years of experience consulting and teaching in Lithuania and USA. In Lithuania, he worked with banks and other financial institutions, with the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania, with the Prime Minister of Lithuania, the Mayor of Panevezys City, LTV, and “KrastAuto”. In the US he has worked with “4TeamCorporation”, “Alittera Ltd Inc.”, “APM Studio” and “Sarpinos USA”.

Vadim Dekhtyar gained his M.D. degree after graduation from Kaunas Medical Academy in 1991. He had his own private psychotherapy practice from 1993 to 2000. Now Vadim lives and works in Chicago, IL USA. He is the founder of Academy NLP and Life Balance Corp.

Professor of Neuroscience at the National College of Naprapathic Medicine.
Author of the books “My bright future” and “Natural Slim with NLP and Hypnosis” .

I would like to thank Vadim Dekhtyar for his help and outstanding performance during the whole process of our work while aiming to meet our common goals. I wish you success in your professional and personal life. I would appreciate very much the continuity of our fruitful and pleasant co-operation.
R. Alekna
Minister of Health of the Republic of Lithuania
Since 1998, the Municipally of Panevezys City has been constantly collaborating with Dr. Vadim Dekhtyar. During this collaboration several large projects has been completely made and successfully carried out. In 2000, the Panevezys City Mayor Election Campaign was taken with very favorable results the political party I represent. I confidently recommend Dr.Vadim Dekhtyar as a high-competent consultant and image-maker.
V. Matuzas
Mayor of Panevezys City
I highly recommend Vadim Dekhtyar as an NLP Trainer. In his seminars, you will learn how to use communication excellence and immediately apply this knowledge in business, education, sales, and everyday life because Vadim is thorough in his work.
John La Valle
Co-author of Persuasion Engineering™, President of The Society of NLP™
Vadim works his skillful hypnosis with quite confidence, assured of results with each intervention. He is also very knowledgeable and skilled in NLP and as a Trainer. His skill and ability is matched only by his exquisite use of technique and skill, both subtly and overtly. I am proud to be able to work with him in any venture.
Jim Accetta
Owner & Trainer, Midwest NLP, Inc. Chicago
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